Friday, December 11, 2009

Adieu, internship.

Tonight I got the last of the paperwork done for my internship hours that are required for graduation. It was in a kitchen I consider myself lucky to have experienced - small and fairly drama-free as far as kitchens go. The cooks listened to jam bands throughout prep and service, and with a young chef they managed to make some lovely and unique food that covered a range of tastes.

Every week was a different tasting menu, whether it be celebrating a specific food (duck, lobster, herbs, cheese, etc) or event. One of my favorites was their "Recession Menu" that included among a couple other courses: "Ramen" (pho broth with mussels and noodles), "Steak and Potatoes" (slow cooked short ribs, truffled mashed potatoes), and a mint chocolate chip ice cream sandwich for dessert. Another one I can't seem to forget was the Phillies menu
involving wasabi water ice and krimpets for dessert.

I helped out whenever I had the time and after my fifth day of interning they even gave me the chance to be the pastry chef for nearly two weeks while their pastry chef went on vacation. Having been there five days, and then having them ask me to fill in for their chef that had been there for five years, I think I nearly crapped myself, and then accepted. It went well for me and was a great confidence boost. The entire time I helped out there I learned a lot, and it made me realize how much I love working in small places where people really care about the food and can give it a lot of attention instead of just trying to bang it out as fast as possible in a crazy service.

More restaurants like this one would be a wonderful thing.

Photo snagged from Philly mag.