Sunday, May 3, 2009

Led Zeppelin Wine Pairing

From City Winery's website:

"This wine pairing is the concept of Joe Bastianich, who is Mario Batali's partner in Babbo, Del Posto, etc...

Bastianich has paired Zeppelin's raw, nuanced, complex and high energy music with fine wine and italian food. The writer David Lynch and Mike Edison have joined the team to discuss the songs and the appropriate wine pairings. Led Zeppelin lends itself to wine; Hearty, robust reds match Page's raw riffs and Bonham's thunderous double bass pedal, while the band's lighter, more playful work calls for tamer, yet complex whites. On stage will be the live Zeppelin cover band Six Foot Nurse featuring special guest guitarist Scott Ian of the band Anthrax, all coming in from Los Angeles for the evening. This event was recently tested without the live band at the smaller restaurant Becco where it sold out instantly..."

I absolutely love the idea of pairing any type of food with any type of music. It started a couple years ago with a friend of mine, when we played music appropriate to whatever we were cooking that night. For pasta, we'd put on some Sinatra. Fajita night? He had a mariachi CD just for the occasion. Baking cornbread? You better believe I'd be putting on one of my favorite B.B. King records.

I got a little bit giddy when I saw an episode of Good Eats where Alton Brown used chords (two tone, tritone, augmented...ah, the days of music theory) as an analogy for cocktails. Scott Ian did a wine pairing to metal songs on his blog a while ago, which I was equally amused by. Now, I don't know wine very well yet. I'm hoping the wine class I'm currently taking will get me started, because it's a field I have much to learn in. Perhaps when I get to the point I feel as though I know enough, I'll attempt a pairing as well...though to what type of music, time has yet to tell.

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